Its been a long year since the beginning of development, but the concept of a game like this, a co-operative strategy game that you can play with your friends anywhere, not just in your room on a PC, but having it with you at all times, has been with me since my youth.
I’ve never been much of a social person, sports never interested me much and I will always have fond memories of playing games throughout my childhood, but I believe the biggest change was my discovery of the online gaming world and its communities, with competitive multiplayer games like Sudden Strike 2 or MMORPGS like Ultima Online, that really opened my eyes to a diffrent kind of social bonding, one that I experienced in a host of other games since then.
By overcoming difficulties in the virtual world with people I’ve never met before, I would make more friends then ever, forming ties that hold strong even today.

The expanded possibilities of technology in the recent years, especially in mobile gaming, made me decide that it is finally time to bring this old idea of mine forward and being work on it.

Journey Online will bring fantasy and magic into the world around you, while challenging you and your friends to develop new tactics and strategies for defeating your foes, currently the game has a solid base built, that we plan to expand upon massively, so please keep an eye out on our social media sites for any news, we will be regularly updating patch notes, selecting people for alpha testing and just work on building a community that this game deserves.

With all this being said, I would like to officially announce that Journey Online has now entered the alpha stage of development with patch 0.1.0!

Be prepared heroes, monsters are coming!


– Jure Veler, Lead programmer and designer at Journey Online


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