Patch notes for alpha 0.1.2


Todays patch notes are filled with quality of life fixes, sprinkled with a few bug fixes!

New features:

  • We have redesigned our stat bars so they are more visible
  • From now on see how well your attacks will effect the enemy with colored ground indicators
    The colors of effect go from;

    • Red – Showing elemental disadvantage over the selected mob type, this means your attacks will do less damage.
    • Yellow – Shows that you are elementally neutral against this target, wont affect the power of your attack.
    • Green – Indicating elemental advantage, increasing the damage you will do to your opponent.You can see both of these changes in effect below!



  • The game will now prompt you to update if a new version is avalible, huzzah!


Bug fixes:

  • Recruiting a new Adventurer in the Recruitment page will now require at least 1 ticket to work, no more infinite summoning loop of doom!


  • The Goblin Spearman doesn’t want to finish his turn sometimes, we tried talking him out of this behavior but he sometimes still forgets.


Cant wait to see what we have in store next week? Me too!

– Mitja Penca, Community Manager

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