Patch notes for alpha 0.1.3

A bit of UI cleaning up and fixing game-breaking bugs is on today’s menu!


New Features:


  • The recruitment tabs have been merged into the Recruitment tab on the right side of the Tavern interface.



  • You can now increase your Adventurers experience level by using the Power-up function, use the star icon button ingame to access it!


  • Added a new animation more clearly indicating a success when upgrading items.



  • Both the recruitment tab and the daily adventurer recruitment now have on hold functionalities.
  • You should now get the on hold information faster!
  • We also did some balancing to tier 1 content.


Bug Fixes:

  • The camera should no longer be moved when using the user interface during combat.
  • You should no longer be able to upgrade items to +11 or more, whoops!
  • Also the endless loop of doom if closing the upgrade window while upgrading has been banished, begone vile creature.
  • We calmed the Elven Elementalist down, instead of reacting like a scared goat and freezing up when being attacked, she should now properly take her combat stance.


We hope you enjoyed this weeks content, next week we have a special surprise for all you fashion hunters out there!


– Mitja Penca, Community Manager

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