Patch notes for alpha 0.1.4

Visual changes dominate this patch, we hope your eyes appreciate it!

New features:


  • A new set if items has been introduced: Aura Items, these items will give your Adventurers new cool looking animations that will enhance your battles and make you stand out when grouped with friends!
    Currently only obtainable by loot or the shop, later they will be given out as rewards for hard content or achievements!


  • We have added a new colored overlay for the world map in Adventure mode! Snazzy!
  • A logout button has been added to the main menu, not that we want you to leave or anything..
  • The Tavern UI will now display an icon when new items are available either in the shop, or the recruitment tab.


Bug Fixes:

  • We called in an old priest and a young priest, and exorcised the vampires curse crashing the game.
  • Numbers now have commas that make them easier to read, who would’ve guessed?
  • You should now see more then two squad members at one time, just need to find more then two friends.
  • Item icons should now be scaled more properly in the inventory screen


Next week there wont be a patch because we are working on improving the speed of combat and a few other features coming down the line, but trust me, its worth the wait!

– Mitja Penca, Community Manager

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