Patch notes for alpha 0.1.5


Oh my gosh, I think someone needs to tell the developer that summer break is a thing, we’ve got some big things dropping today!


New Features:


  • The Tower of Heroes is now live, a scaling dungeon that will reset every month, you can read more about it here!


  • To make all this combat more intuitive, we redesigned the combat UI, including adding a button to force end your turn, just click on your turn timer and it will skip it!



  • You will now see an icon that helps you figure out which Adventurer is part of your battle formation, so you don’t accidentally use them as xp food (If you try though,
  • Also the level up button on Adventurers grew up to become a big boy!



  • You can now see your Adventurers information during battle! Just hold your finger over them and a helpful tooltip will appear, a reduced version of this also works on enemy units.
  • A second map has been added to the Goblin Forest scenario, variety is the spice of life after all.
  • We added buttons to help you find our social media locations in the options section of the game, come hang out with us!
  • Increased the speed of recruiting Adventurers, I hope you have your clicking fingers ready.


Bug fixes:


  • We’ve reduced the loading times, and optimized the turn system to be more fluid, great news everybody!
  • Some goblins tried messing with store tickets, they were dealt with.
  • We sent all our Adventurers for eyesight checkups, they should now correctly use the column attack to hit all targets.


It feels like its all coming together now, progress is good, soon we will open alpha out for testing and feedback, keep an eye out on our social media for more information!

– Mitja Penca, Community Manager

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