Greetings fellow would-be Adventurers!

We hope you have been following our updates, seeing the amount of work and passion we pour into the game.

Soon it will be time for you all to join us in Journey Online and begin adventuring on your own, in your home, neighborhood, village or city as the threat of invading monsters is ever present.

By the end of August, that is the 31. of august, we will be opening our game to everyone who sings up for the closed alpha testing using our sign up form, and has a valid Facebook account.

We want your feedback, your complaints, your commendations, even if you don’t ever talk us that’s fine, we just want you to play our game!

Everyone who participates in our closed alpha test will receive unique awards that will carry on into the release version of the game, more on that as we get closer to the alpha test launch date.

Thank you everyone for taking the time to fill out the application and giving our game a chance, we can’t wait for you to enter the world of Journey Online!

– Jure Veler, Lead Developer and Mitja Penca, Community Manager

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