Closed Beta test 30.01 – 13.02

Greetings everyone!

We would like to invite everyone to come and test our game during the closed beta from 30.01.2019 20.00 UTC  to 13.02.2019 20.00 UTC.

Closed Beta invites have been sent out on  28.01.2019. If you do not see your beta invite in your email be sure to check your spam folder. If you still can not find it we invite everyone to join us on our discord channel .

The second closed test will be done only on the android version:

  • Open the email
  • Click the link that will lead you to the google play store
  • Download the game to your android smartphone
  • Start the game
  • Log in with Facebook (Your facebook email has to match your alpha or beta signup email)

At this stage you should be able to log in and start testing the game. All the closed beta testers that have signed up by the form will be eligable to obtain the beta testing reward when the game is released. Those who will participate in active discussion and testing will receive another reward.

Unlike alpha, closed beta test wont be populated with any items or adventurers. Instead, it will create a release like environment, where players will start with a new Guild Hall.

We invite everyone to join us on the journey online discord channel and share your input, issues, suggestions or just to chat with us :).

All progress during closed beta will be reseted before release.


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