Patch notes for beta 0.2.0 (Pre closed beta)


  • Starting items and adventurers have been defined
  • Back buttons in world map
  • Daily events (players can easily gain amazing rewards by doing these quests)
  • Adventurers can now be locked. (Small cogwheel in the adventurer screen)
  • Adventurers now show max level before evolve
  • Evolving adventurers
  • Abilities can now be powered up (All abilities have gained levels).
  • Ability Level up possibilities: Cooldown, Damage, Healing power, Energy Requirement
  • Food adventurers – Guild Kitty (best for evolving) – Guild Puppy (Best for powering up Abilities)
  • New announcing view when a battle starts
  • Premium accounts
  • Store Integration with Google Pay
  • Squad chat (Players can now talk to each other when in a Squad)
  • Undead Theme (Skeleton warrior, Mummy, Lich, Map)
  • Rebels Keep Map
  • Elementals Uprising map
  • Tiers for Fields (each Field now has 5 difficulty tiers- Focused on Levels 1, 5, 10,15,20)
  • New Ability effect STRIP and CLEANSE
  • Localization system (First language is only going to be English)


  • Damage calculation formula has been updated
  • XP gain has been balanced through all the Battle Fields
  • Balanced all HP on items
  • UI  performace improved
  • Ability overhaul and balanced.
  • In the guild hall currencies can now be clicked on and explain what they are
  • Balanced the Loot System
  • Each Field now has unique loot to that Field (Example: Goblin Forest drops different items than Undead Crypt)

Bug fixes:

  • Barmaid was effected by to many lights
  • Tutorial fix on when a battle is lost
  • Recruitment issue when using the last Recruit Ticket is fixed
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