Patch notes for beta 0.2.1


  • Marketplace items have descriptions now so you know what you buy.
  • Marketplace purchases now return the player to the marketplace.
  • Changed the display and text of daily quests to show the player more accurately whether he can complete it or not.
  • In the battle result players can now click on all loot and information will be shown.
  • Balanced the level up probability of items.
  • Balanced the recruiting probability.
  • When server capacity for CO-OP play is reached players will clearly see it.

Bug fixes:

  • Power up of an item is disabled if not enough gold
  • Removing an item now works
  • Selling an item now works
  • Adventurer shadows are appearing again on the Adventure map
  • Tower of Heroes and Arena overlays are now gone.
  • Female swordsman second skill level ups have been added.
  • Monks first ability Smite now properly heals the lowest character in the battle formation.
  • Daily quest “Open an adventure chest” now updates the Chest box of players.
  • Main Menu buttons
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