Journey Online Release & Patch notes 0.2.3

Journey Online has been released on Google Play. We welcome all players from around the world to experience a unique approach to location based combat. I thank again all the testers that helped in developing of the game with the numerous ideas and suggestions and of course, the bug finds. Journey Online now enters an open beta. Open beta will last until I have successfully added all of the missing pieces of the game that are still core.

Core future improvements:

  • Location raids
  • Google Log in
  • Location Castle sieges
  • Ability Combos
  • Crafting
  • Proximity PVP.
  • Friends list
  • Guilds
  • Guild Dungeons

There are quite a few changes coming live with the release of Journey Online 0.2.3:


  • The adventure map is now more populated with enemies that is suited more to the players combat power. However, that doesnt mean that there wont be very difficulty challenges lying ahead you.
  • New Field called Rebels Keep. Unique opponents and loot.
  • New Field called Elementals Uprising. Unique opponents and loot.
  • New Adventurer: Gnome Wizard (C grade)
  • Closed tester rewards are given to accounts that participated in any of the closed testing. (1 month of premium + 3 unique Adventurer Auras, that will never be obtainable again.)
  • Background music added.
  • Options for sound and background music added to the options view.
  • Defeating your opponent now plays the Victory music.
  • In game FAQ. (Will be steadily improved)
  • Bosses now have a unique dangerous glow and are enlarged.


  • Female swordsman Adventurer is now rank C and has received a new Ultimate ability.
  • Damage/Healing numbers and ability scrolling in combat has been improved both in animation and quality.
  • Upgrading item cost now scales with the power and rarity of the item.
  • Selling item cost has been increased to scale with the items power and rarity.
  • The talent level up screen has been greatly improved. Now shows the percentage of the talent that will increase a stat.

Bug Fixes:

  • Adventurers now will always deal at least 1 damage. This was found at low level battles where power of adventurers is below 50.
  • Winning in arena has now been fixed.
  • Tower of Heroes stats were noticed to not scale properly. This has been fixed and adjusted.
  • When upgrading an item the Animation of success was delayed. This has been fixed.
  • Adventurers individual view now correctly chooses the element of the adventurer.
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