Patch notes: 0.2.9 The AI arrives

This patch was really fun to develop. I was finally able to invest some time in to the creation of a few unique behaviour concepts for all the units in the game. While i did mostly focus on the AI improvements, i did some small fixes to the augmentation feature. Thank you, the community of Journey Online, for quickly finding them!



  • XP boosters now available in the Platinum Shop. They scale with the premium access and when purchasing them they stack on to eachothers and increase the duration. (Example: Buy 1 day, adds exactly 24 hours. If you then buy the 3 day as well, it will add 72 hours on top of the 24 hours already added. This way you will have the XP boost active for the next 4 days.)
    • 1 day costs 100 platinum
    • 3 days costs 200 platinum
  • AI Behaviours. While i can say a lot about what kind there are. Ill let the players experience it themselves!
  • Links to the Journey Online Discord chat room now under Main Menu and Login Scene.











  • Login Scene has been¬†visually improved
  • The final upgrade of an adventurers talent msg has been improved










Bug Fixes:

  • You can now select previously selected upgrade items as food.
  • Locking/Unlocking/Augmenting already equipped items no longer duplicates a placeholder of that item in the inventory.
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