Patch notes: 0.3.0 Monthly Events & Cannoneer


Another week, another patch. The focus of this patch was to create more content for the players. Monthly events will challange the players to complete some difficulty achievements inside a month. Some monthly events will be hard to do, however, players can decide and focus on what reward they think is best for them!

A new adventurer has come to Journey Online and with it a new concept has been implemented that allows the creation of Passive abilities. Cannoneer got the first passive ability and in the future more will be created.  This new adventurer has two different builds depending on the element. One build is more of a buffed ATK scaling adventurer while the other is the first of its kind, a Hybrid. Air and Fire cannoneer will greatly improve by both ATK and AP.

Another major change was implemented on how Damage/Heal numbers are registered. This change should completely remove a bug where some ability damage was not registered.



  • Monthly Events – Players can now complete events that lasts from the first to the last of the month. These events offer great rewards and are reseted every month
    • Field battle events
    • Chest opening events
    • Adventure battle events
    • Raid events
    • Adventure shadow battle events
    • Tower of heroes events
    • Augmentation events
    • Item power up events
    • Adventurer recruiting events
    • Reaching level 20 with adventurer events
  • Cannoneer (A grade) – A new adventurer joins Journey Online.
    • Water & Earth
      • Cannon Shell – ATK scaling CROSS hitting ability.
      • Cannon Snipe – ATK scaling SINGLE hitting ability.
      • Lead Storm – ATK scaling AOE ability.
    • Air & Fire
      • Cannon Shell – ATK scaling CROSS hitting ability.
      • Hex Shot – CROSS hitting ability that does two types of DOTS (AP, ATK) and has a chance to lower AP.
      • Echo Shot (Passive) – After every attack an echo shot is fired by the cannonner that deals AP damage.
  • Passive ability icons now have a glow when in combat to show that they are passive.
  • More AI Behaviours have been added










  • Adventurer ability views now show more information regarding Enchantments and Curses.
    • Turn duration
    • Chance of application
    • Modifier scaling if HOT or DOT
  • Tank behaviour has been improved.
  • Leader behaviour has been improved.
  • A lot of ability sound effects have been improved
  • Ultimate ability behaviour has been improved.
  • Daily events now have a counter for the ones that require TP to be used (1,2,3).
  • Currency display in the tavern no longer shows its information on click. Changed to OnHold.
  • Items in the character view window now show the LOCK icon if an item is locked.









Bug Fixes:

  • Reducing the effects sound now also reduces the sound from certain abilities in battle that were before ignored by this setting.
  • The last food in the augment view now properly displays its item border.
  • Liches will no longer use dead adventurers to do their bidding.
  • Mummy will no longer be healed by dead adventurers.
  • The priority order of ability damage/heal calculations have been synchronized and are now executed by the leader of the squad.
  • Gnome Wizard abilities now properly clean themselves of reduntand VFX data after they are executed.
  • Upgrade window for adventurers now properly displays RESISTANCE instead of RESILIENCE for a talent.
  • First time loading the raid view will now properly display its difficulty and tier.
  • Augmenting items that are equipped now properly refreshes the item on the equippment bar.
  • Adventurer information view now has an updated icon.


Alas! Off I go to write more code!

Jure Veler, the Creator of Journey Online

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