Patch notes: 0.3.1 Adventure Tavern Board


The focus of this patch was mostly on improving the gameplay experience of the game. Major changes were applied to how Rosters/Inventories are loading. Since a lot of actions in the game directly relied on these to be refreshed, players can expect a better loading experience throughout the game.

There is a known issue with how HP is being reduced in group play. In this patch i have isolated and changed few problems regarding the distribution of damage and how it is synced through the group.  While i dont believe this is the end of the issue, we are however moving towards a better fix in the future.



  • New features on the Squad Window:
    • Adventure Tavern Board – Players now see publicly pinned adventure groups and can join them.
    • You can now pin your group to the Adventure board and allow other players to join you.
    • Group leaders can now Kick other players out of the group
    • Group leaders can now promote other players to be the group leader
    • You can now see other players battle formations inside your group.
  • In the adventurer window you can now unequip all items with one action.


  • Fuzzy value on ability have been changed from 80%-120% to 90%-110% (This is the value that is randomly chosen and gives abilities a more dynamic value.)
  • Lich PA ability dot has been reduced from 25% to 15%.
  • Healing spells will now vary 10% depending on whether the targeted element is better or worse to heal. (Usual elemental advantages/disadvantages apply)


  • The script for damage calculation has been improved. Ability modifiers on lower and higher ends will now no longer go in to extremes.
  • Improved the loading time of adventure battles.
  • Improved the loading time of Equiping, Removing, Selling items.
  • Improved the loading times of Adventurer rosters. (This affects multiple areas of the game)
  • Improved the loading time of inventories (this affects multiple areas of the game)
  • Loading in to tavern for the first time has been slightly improved.
  • If no internet connection is available at the end of the battle, players can now resend the battle result information once a stable connection has been provided.
  • Failing to move to the battle because of connection issues will now return the player to the tavern.
  • Squad icon in the tavern top menu has been changed.
  • When in group play damage calculated has now been moved to the leader only and completely seperated from other active stat communication.

Bug Fixes:

  • Squad Title now properly shows the correct squad ID number.
  • Passive ability glow in battle is now under the grid formation icon.
  • Tower of Heroes monthly rewards have been fixed to show correct rewards.
  • Casting Any kind of effects by non group leaders now longer dissapear on the first turn.
  • Raids can now be collected even when the timer is from 5-0 hours.
  • Raids are no longer shown if the timer has expired. (there was a bug where sometimes they persisted over the expired duration.)
  • Earth/Fire monks now have correct skins for that element.
  • Skeleton Warriros now have their own unique names.
  • Fixed the description of Arcane blast to correctly represent the DOTs percentage.
  • While in group play losing internet connection will no longer instantly finish the battle and assigning a loss to your side. Now it will transition to regular offline play. (Internet connection is still required for posting battle results)


Alas! Off I go to write more code!

Jure Veler, the Creator of Journey Online

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