Patch notes: 0.3.5 New Dungeon Spooky Mansion


This patch is the first of three that will be focused on improving the PVE of Journey Online. Spooky Dungeon brings with it a ton of new rewards for higher level players to get ready for the release of level 30 in the future.



  • Spooky Mansion – A new Dungeon
    • New monster theme: Boss Werewolf, Demon Eye and Pumpkin Ghost.
    • A new endless type of a dungeon focused for higher level gameplay
    • This dungeon allows players to only bring 7 adventurers in their battle formations
    • Dungeon rewards players with Augmentation gems and kittens/pups.
    • This dungeon is a weekly competitive PVE dungeon where rewards and rankings are obtained per week.
    • Dungeon is available from Monday 12:00 UTC+0 till Saturday 23:59 UTC.
    • Player rewards are obtained on Sunday.
    • This dungeons stats are compared to tier 4/5 from the start and are increased every 10 levels. (The increases are lighter than in Tower of Heroes)


  • Android version upgraded to SDK 28.

Bug Fixes:

  • Adventurer Collection did not load properly which units an account has obtained.
  • A specific scenario no longer allows energy to go below 0.
  • Passive abilities threw exceptions on the last turn of the battle.
  • Addressed an issue where some devices got a black screen at the start of the game.
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