Patch notes: 0.3.6 Adventurer Box & New Adventurer Bard

Another 2 weeks another update to Journey Online. All preparations are being made to facilitate the new level 30 update. Every update brings us closer to the level expansion. In this update Journey Online adds a new adventurer storage box. Players can now store up to another 200 adventurers. Global chat was planned for this patch, however the adventurer box took a bit to much time. But feat not! The only focus of the next patch is a global chat and because it wasnt released with 0.3.6 i plan on taking more time on it and adding some extra cool features to the chat.



  • Adventurer Box
    • Players can now store up to 200 additional adventurers in the adventurer storage.
    • Adventurer storage can be opened through the adventurer view window. (button is right next to the stats.)
    • Adventurer storage starts with only 5 slots. Each additional 5 slots cost 50 platinum.
  • Bard (S Grade) – A new adventurer joins Journey Online
    • Air & Earth
      • Symphony – Full AOE HOT for 2 turns. Scales with AP.
      • Orchestra – Column heal that also increases AP for 3 turns.
      • Chorus (Passive) – Enchants the backrow with WRATH for 1 turn and gives 25 energy. This happens at the start of the turn.
    • Water & Fire
      • Symphony – Full AOE HOT for 2 turns. Scales with AP.
      • Harmony – Column heal that also cleanses.
      • Consonance (Passive) – Enchants the frontrow with WARD for 2 turns and heals the entire frontrow. This happens at the start of the turn.
  • New Enchantments:
    • Wrath – The enchanted adventurer deals 15% more damage with its abilities that do direct damage. (DOTS do not get increased)
    • Ward – All direct damage taken is reduced by 15%. (DOTS are ignored)

Bug Fixes:

  • Werewolf water/air talents were fixed.
  • Guild kittens will no longer be shown in the item inventory under a special case.
  • UI in battle will no longer click on adventurers under it. This sometimes made it so that spells were instantly casted after clicked on
  • Powering up adventurers will no longer leave a blank ui bar over the window if no upgrades were noted.
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