Patch notes: 0.3.7 Global Chat

Journey Online finally gets its own global chat. Players can now chat with eachother throughout the world! The first iteration of the chat will be in its most simplest form in order to keep the resource consumption to the bare minimum for players. In the future we will add some extra functionalities like private whispering and sharing of equipment/adventurers/formations.



  • Global Chat
    • World chat allows players to communicate with eachother.
    • Players can now earn achievements that are shown to all other players
      • Being first in Tower of Heroes, Spooky Mansion or 1vs1 Arena
      • Recruiting a shiny Adventurer
      • Recruting a new S grade Adventurer
    • A new notice msg can now be seen by everyone on the server at the top of the chat box.
    • Squad chat allows players from the same squad group to chat privately.


  • The damage your Adventurers do has a differnt color variant to your allies damage done.

Bug Fixes:

  • Shadow battle results window will no longer take over 20 seconds to load. Now it should take around 1 second.
  • Water Mummy SA now scales at a 105 modifier at the start.
  • Adventurer box was not loading items correctly when Adventurers were moved out of the Box.
  • Tower of Heroes is no longer open an extra day.
  • Keys are now properly named in the market and will no longer show their raw value.
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