Patch notes: 0.3.8 Blessed Raids


Blessed raids are here! These raids have had their stats pumped up by quite a margin. These stats should be matchable by a 4 man group of maxed out 9 adventurers each. For these raids its expected from players to take advantage of the ability combo system where the combo is executed by 4 correct decisions. Blessed raids are the last frontier before the level increase. While these raids have been released for tier 5 gameplay there will be a similar version of these raids at t7. Happy hunting adventurers!



  • Blessed Raids
    • Blessed raids have 2 themes. Spooky Mansion and a new theme Samurais Castle.
    • Blessed raids are much tougher than Depth raids and will push players to even harder cooperative battle tactics than before!
    • New gear – Blessed Spirit
      • Blessed Spirit Sword
      • Blessed Spirit Shield
      • Blessed Spirit Staff
      • Blessed Spirit Book
      • Blessed Spirit Amulet
      • Blessed Spirit Leggings
      • Blessed Spirit Belt
      • Blessed Spirit Chest
  • Players can now see their ping to the server when in a group battle at the turn timer. (If the ping is gone, that means that player has disconected from the adventurer group and has resumed¬† their gameplay in a local instance.)


  • Depth raids have had their GOLD reward reduced by 20%
  • Depth & Blessed raids have had their XP modifier increased by 20 times. (This will allow veteran players to boost new players through raids for good XP and Gold rewards.)
  • Very rare items from depth and blessed raids have had their drop chance increased by 200%
  • Increased chance of higher grade Depth Spirit gear drops.
  • Shadow rendering graphical quality has been reduced thus increasing game performance.
  • Chat msges have had their color palete changed.

Adventurer Balancing:

  • Goblin Shaman SA heal increased by 15%.
  • Pumpkin Ghost PA modifier increased from 80% to 100%.
  • Beast Rider PA modifier increased from 60% to 80%.
  • Goblin Gunner PA modifier increased from 55% to 70%.
  • Female Swordsman PA ATK modifier reduced from 100% to 50%.
  • Female Swordsman PA DEF modifier increased from 25% to 50%.
  • Female Swordsman SA ATK modifier reduced from 140% to 40%.
  • Female Swordsman SA new DEF modifier increased from 0% to 50%.
  • Female Swordsman PA and SA abilities primary modifier is now DEF and not ATK.
  • Cannonner (Air/Fire) UA modifier reduced from 30% to 20%. New: This ability now ignores RES.

Bug Fixes:

  • Bards movement speed has been corrected.
  • Adventurers passive abilities will no longer create issues when those adventurers die at the start of each new turn.
  • When the chat disconects due to internet connectivity issues, it will now try to properly reconnect again (This bug was shown as blinking dark lines next to chat bubble.).
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