Patch notes: 0.4.0 Mostly Bugfixes



  • All adventure battles XP gain has been increased aproximately 10% throughout the tiers.
  • All raid battles XP has been increased by aproximately 15%.
  • Players can no longer join Adventure groups if that adventure group is going through a battle. (This should resolve a lot of different cascading bugs when it comes to loading data while going through all phases of the battle.)


  • Talent Level up and Ascension Buttons were not refrehsing themselves in the character window view
  • Adventure ascension window had a wrong naming title for the first DEF talent.
  • Chat is now adjusting itself to a limited amount of chat msges. Should resolve some cases where chat msges were being delayed.
  • Chat vulnerability fixed for some characters.
  • Title text for adventurer information views can no longer go outside of its border for the name.
  • Asociated raid window will no longer displayed some elements before the first load.
  • Tier 6 and 7 now shows apropriate glowing skulls above the object.
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