Patch notes: 0.4.1 Guilds have Arrived!


After a true battering of code, the guild system if finally here. While i did wanted to add way more functionalities to the guilds levels, i was forced to only add 2 for now (wanted quests and daily summons) due to the patch already extending way to much. There are plenty of additions coming to the core of the guild system so players will have a bunch of areas to interact with.


  • Players can now either create a guild or join a guild
  • Kittens level 20 and 25 have been added to the game.
    • level 20 kittens drop from wanted quests. Level 25 from blessed raids.
  • Guilds:
    • Guilds have 10 levels
    • Leveling up a guild brings with it new unlocked functionalities to the members.
    • At level 2 guilds unlock the wanted quest board. Wanted quests are hard battles with bosses that give great rewards! Wanted quests reset daily.
    • At level 3 guilds unlock the daily summon functionality. Each day members are required to gather a minimum amountof needed guild XP in order to unlock the daily summon.
    • At level 1 guilds can have 5 members. This limit increases each level up to 25 members.
    • Guilds earn guild XP from all members doing battles. The amount of guild XP obtained represents the tier of the battle that was won.


  • In the Tavern players can now see a new icon for the Guild window.
  • Chat now has a guild chat window.
  • Testing a new UI theme design with the Guild system.
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