Patch notes: 0.4.2 Guild Ranking & Imperial Archer


Here we go with a new quick 2 week patch. With it i am proud to say that we had our community member Pere helping us with a certain graphic for the new Adventurer! This new Adventurer brings with a new concept of passive abilities that trigger on attacks. So new future possibilities open up from this point on.



  • Summon limits
    • Players will now obtain S and A grade characters at a 100% rate if the max amount of summons without has been reached.
    • A grade – 125
    • S grade – 500
    • After obtaining the individual S or A grade summon the counter is reset.
  • Imperial Archer (A Grade) – A new adventurer joins Journey Online
    • Air & Earth
      • Splintering Arrow – Target and behind high scaling ATK
      • Debilitating Shot – Target and behind high scaling ATK. Increases ATK modifier for 20% for each removed enchantment of the primary enemy target.
      • Reactive shot (passive) – Whenever the archer is hit with a damaging ability, the archer shoots a random target with his highest scaling modifier doing true damage.
    • Water & Fire
      • Barbed arrow – Single target high scaling ATK, ENREG curse.
      • Cursed Barbed Arrow- High scaling single target ATK, applying 3 curses.
      • Imperial Oath (Passive) – Deals additional ATK damage if the target has at least one DOT effect.
  • Guild Ranking
    • Guild ranking is set depending on a guilds contribution of XP meaning activity.
    • Guild ranking view can be accessed when you become a member of the guild.

Bug Fixes:

  • Raid loading speed was fixed.
  • Players can now longer join multiple guilds under specific rules.
  • Guild listing now properly shows how many members the guild has.
  • Bards passive abilities were creating memory issues in a battle.
  • Cannonner passive abilities now properly scale their damage when leveled up.
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