Patch notes: 0.4.3


A small but a very needed patch that addressed some difficulty issues. I thank all of the Journey Online discord community that actively helped me narrow down some of the issues regarding the starting of a Battle. Seriously, you guys bring the rock and Roll to a small turn based game :).



  • Raid loading has been drastically improved (Old raid associations unfortunately have been lost.)
  • The loading in to battle has been drastically sped up when in a group with other players.
  • A and S guaranteed recruits are not permanent and will no longer reset on obtaining those grades of adventurers.
  • Recruitment window has been refactored with the new UI layout.
  • Optimized a few of the basic animations with a new shader (Mostly testing performance).
  • Spooky mansion, Endless Dungeon,  Arena battles and adventure shadow battles will now properly contribute to the guild XP.

Bug Fixes:

  • Raids will no longer be duplicated in the Associated window.
  • Imperial archer has had its abilities fixed.
  • Imperial archers passive ability will no longer execute itself after death.
  • Players will no longer lose their TP if the battle fails to initialize.
  • The main concern of battle starting in a group with other adventurer has been resolved.
  • Some passive abilities were failing to execute on due to an uncaught exception (Bard, Werewolf and Imperial Archer).
  • Sell all will no longer grab hidden kittens! Instead the database will now experiment on them on how to evolve a mechaaaa Cat.
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