Patch notes: 0.4.10



  • New Curse EN DRAIN – Drains a set amount of energy from the target
  • New Enchantment EN GAIN – Restores a set amount of energy to the target


  • All energy drain or gain abilities have been changed so they now use Curses and Enchantments for those. Meaning that all En DRAINS will now go through the regular Protection check when determining if it is successful.
  • Not enough Traveling point messages will now react when pressed and open the market window.

Character Balancing:

  • (All) Lich PA third ability level up EN REDUCE 10 has been changed for EFFECT 5.
  • (All) Bard PA third ability level up  EN REDUCE 10 has been changed for EFFECT 5.

Bug Fixes:

  • Some healing abilities had corrupted ability level ups from the last patch. These are now fixed.
  • Loading view was bugging out where it wouldn’t show the X after it corrupted itself.
  • Adding a unit that was selected before moving to the Adventurer box window will now properly reset its current selected adventurer in the adventurer view.
  • When playing alone, the tower of heroes and spooky mansion now properly checks for existing traveling points.

Testing change:

  • Removed GPU multi threading from the build, lets see if this is the issue that was causing overheating.
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