Patch notes: 0.4.11 Battle Summoning



The reason this patch took 3 weeks was that battle summoning brought so many alterations to the existing code that i honestly didn’t predict when i started changing it. Realistically everything but the summoning system took me roughly a week. But in the end i was able to finish it and it looks awesome! With this addition to the battle system i can now create new abilities and unique battle concepts that will bring a new depth to each battle.

The first boss, the Ogre, got a revamp of its abilities and in the future there will be bosses added that will follow a similar pattern where their abilities will be unique and outside the limitations of what adventurers can have in their arsenal. So the ogre is a testing ground for now, enjoy killing it!



  • Young Dragon (D Grade) – Young but deadly
    • All elements
      • Dragons Breath – Single target AP scaling damage.
  • Dragon Summoner (S Grade) – I summon thee, Draco
    • Air & Water
      • Energy Siphon- Single target BOMB + En drain.
      • Crippling Energy – Massive full row energy drain + Remove enchantment + Healing block. If the summon is active it makes the summon act without using one of its turns.
      • Summon Dragon – Summons a young dragon for 5 turns.
    • Earth & Fire
      • Restoration Energy- Single target HOT + En gain
      • Energy Conjuration – Massive full row energy gain + Cleanse + Benevolence.  If the summon is active it makes the summon act without using one of its turns.
      • Summon Dragon – Summons a young dragon for 5 turns.
  • New battle feature – Battle Summoning
    • Adventurer can now use a new type of abilities that allow them to summon units.
    • A summon acts independently and does not consume action points.
    • The summon has a set amount of turns and dissapear once those are used.
    • A battle formation can have a max of 3 battle summons active at a time.
    • The summon adapts the summoners stats.
  • New effects
    • Benevolence – is an enchantment that increases received healing by 25%.
    • Healing block – is a curse that reduces received healing by 50%.
  • New Summoner AI added.
  • New Summon AI added.


  • A message now appears when an ability cant be used that turn.
  • Power Push aura is no longer available for platinum purchase
  • Tower of Heroes LEGEND reward now drops Power Push aura.
  • Resistance renamed to Countered By in Ability View.
  • Ogre boss abilities were remade.
  • Spooky mansion and Spooky Raid have had Reaper added to their rooster.
  • Divine Champion TANK AI removed.
  • Werewolf TANK AI removed.

Bug Fixes:

  • Redoing same levels of raids will no longer yield 100% of the reward.
  • Some text was fixed in the ability view.


Alas! Off I go to write more code!
Jure “Ernil” Veler


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