Patch notes: 0.4.14 You’ve got mail


Finally we have a safe way of giving all players rewards from the game. Before players didn’t really know when they obtained a reward from a certain aspect of the game. Now players will see a notification popup on the tavern keeper when they obtained a new reward. This change also negates the possibility of rewards not being sent from Tower of Heroes or Arena when they are being calculated.

A major change happened to how column attacks are executed on targets. I changed all column style attacks that now take in to consideration the tank in front of them taking some of the damage given out. This will further increase the value of tanking and squishy damage dealing units. At the same time, we now have adventurers that are dealing column style attacks being able to deal a solid 30% more damage to the main primary target when that one is the only one alive in its column (Aka, bosses).  There is a few options i take in to consideration when balancing values out on damaging attacks such as if an ability can snipe, effects, uniqueness and whether an ability is considered a certain style (Column, Row, AOE, etc ..). While AOE abilities also hit the back line i did not change their damage scaling for the softer targets in the back, since their damage is much more spread out than the column style attacks.




  • Mailbox – Players can now receive rewards from different parts of the game in their mailbox
    • Mailbox can be accessed through the Event window/Tavern keeper
    • Arena rewards are now delivered to the mailbox
    • Tower of Heroes rewards are now delivered to the mailbox
    • Spooky Dungeon rewards are now delivered to the mailbox
    • Premium daily platinum is now delivered to the mailbox
  • Summon abilities are now properly displayed in the Ability information window


  • Added an extension to the summon feature. Summons now transfer a percentage of stats from the summoner to themselves when summoned. Before they always transferred 100% stats.
  • Optimized the CPU load on Adventurer window
  • Optimized the CPU load on Events window
  • Updated the Events window to follow suit of the new UI design


  • (All) Rune Assassins SA curse bomb modifier changed from 230% to 390% ATK.
  • (All) Boss Ogre SA summon stat transfer percentage has been reduced from 100% to 50%.
  • (All) Dragon Summoner UA summon stat transfer percentage has been increased from 100% to 120%.
  • All column Style attacks (Full column, Target and all Behind, Target and Behind) now lose their potency of damage the more targets in depth they hit.
    • Examples (X is dead or missing) for full column attacks:
      • 130/100/70
      • 130 / X / 100
      • X / 130 / 100
      • X / X / 130
    • Examples for Target and Behind attacks:
      • 130 / 70
      • X / 130
      • 130 / X

 Bug Fixes:

  • It is no longer possible to swap positions with allied formations.
  • When switching adventurers inside your formation the battle statistics window will now properly display the adventurers stats and their icons.
  • Adventurer collection window now properly displays the amount of ACU and PRO adventurers get when recruited.
  • Opening chest now has a few fail-safes to fallback to in case of an issue.
  • Purchasing tickets/keys from the daily or hourly shop will no longer be prevented if the player has max amount of items in their equipment box.
  • Players will no longer be assigned the same color while they are in an Adventurer Group
  • Sometimes co-op players would not be deduced TP when in battle.
  • Healing can no longer be less than 1 point in battle.
  • Hourly item countdown in shop now has leading zeroes
  • Loading view close button now properly closes the loading view.
  • Raid timer are now properly counting time with leading zeroes.


Alas! Off I go to write more code!
Jure “Ernil” Veler


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