Patch notes: 0.5.2 Bug fixes


  • Saving data storage
    • There is a new saving system now that will prevent players from accessing key actions in the game. At the moment these actions are Starting the battle or Readying for a battle.


  • Blessed raids have an increased spawn rate of 30%.

 Bug Fixes:

  • Battle and tavern defence formations will now properly save even if the window is closed before the background saving happens.
  • Players will no longer see “random” defeats in their history of tavern defence battles.
  • There was an issue where players sometimes did not get default TD tokens at day 1 of the month.
  • Buying TD tokens and Reseting opponenets will now properly detect whether the player has enough gold/platinum to do these things.


Alas! Off I go to write more code!
Jure “Ernil” Veler


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