Patch notes: 0.5.3 Honor Upgrades & New Boss



  • Honor upgrades
    • These upgrades are purchased from the honor store and boost the stats in battle. These stats are only added when a battle starts and are not visible in the general adventurer view.
    • There are 10 possible upgrades for ATK, AP, DEF, RES, HP and ENREG
    • Each upgrade increases the percentage by 1%
  • Miniboss feature
    • Minibosses are smaller in size than bosses and are only 80% as strong as a boss.
    • Miniboses are normally created from adventurer like units where bosses can have unique skills that are not bound by regular adventurer calculations.
  • Patched Bear Boss
    • New boss in spooky mansion and Spooky blessed dungeon.


  • Werewolf was changed to a miniboss in Spooky Mansion and Spooky blessed raid
  • 5% Increase of the bless raid spawn chance
  • Increased drop quality in Spooky Mansion normal floors.
  • Increased drop quality in Spooky Mansion on boss floors.
  • Timers for reward calculations were altered for  Tower of Heroes, Spooky Mansion,  Tavern Defence and 1vs1 Arena.
  • Boss units have been increased in size by 15%.


Bug fixes:

  • Adventurers will now properly show whether they are available for power up
  • Tavern Defence will no longer not calculate rewards at the end of the month.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Werewolf abilities were not properly cleaning themselves up after the ability has executed.


Alas! Off I go to write more code!
Jure “Ernil” Veler

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