Alpha 0.1.4 patch notes

Patch notes for alpha 0.1.4 Visual changes dominate this patch, we hope your eyes appreciate it! New features:   A new set if items has been introduced: Aura Items, these items will give your Adventurers new cool looking animations that will enhance your battles and make you stand out when grouped with friends! Currently only […]

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Alpha 0.1.3 patch notes

Patch notes for alpha 0.1.3 A bit of UI cleaning up and fixing game-breaking bugs is on today’s menu!   New Features:   The recruitment tabs have been merged into the Recruitment tab on the right side of the Tavern interface.     You can now increase your Adventurers experience level by using the Power-up […]

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Alpha 0.1.2 patch notes

Patch notes for alpha 0.1.2   Todays patch notes are filled with quality of life fixes, sprinkled with a few bug fixes! New features: We have redesigned our stat bars so they are more visible From now on see how well your attacks will effect the enemy with colored ground indicators The colors of effect […]

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Alpha 0.1.1 patch notes

Patch notes for alpha 0.1.1 This is exciting, our very first patch notes! Lets dig right in. You can now hold down the Adventurers icon while creating your battle formation and it will give you detailed information on that Adventurer, making it easier to choose and pick the right person for the job!     […]

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