In Journey Online items represent the core of building your adventurers. Adventurers themself start with some basic stats from level 1 and increasing their levels does not change their stats (Read more about how stat changes occur with talents in the adventurers feature post). With a full set of items you can build your adventurers any way you want. Do you want to make the tanks tankier ? Or do you want to make a sneaky move with having a tank unit up front but instead adding a bunch of attack on it and surprise your enemies in arena ?



Items can be equiped to five different slots in your adventurer screen:

  • Main Hand
  • Off Hand
  • Main Hand Support
  • Off Hand Support
  • Aura

While the Main Hand and the Off Hand equips tend to increase your attacking stat and your defensive stats, the support items can vary and increase any stat that it holds.



When an equipable item is dropped as loot or purchased from a store the item randomly obtains its rarity and depending on its rarity the rolled stats on it. An item has two category of stats, main stats and sub stats.

Main stat are rolled from a MIN to a MAX. This roll is influenced by the rarity of the stat. Rarity of such items increase both the MIN and MAX values of a possible roll. (Example: A worn shield of Common rarity could roll its DEF stat from 5 to 10 at +0. While an Epic worn shield in our example rolled its DEF to 13 on obtaining.)

Sub stats are given to an item from a flat MIN to MAX. Each item can have a max of 3 substats (Example: A sword main stat is ATK, and then it can have ENREG/DEF/AP/RES/HP as substats). Sub stats are given to an item randomly. An item can gain sub stats by rarity and augmentation.

Items can be obtained in 5 different rarities:

  • Common (0 sub stats)
  • Uncommon (10% better) (1 sub stat)
  • Rare (20% better) (2 sub stats)
  • Epic (30% better) (3 sub stats)
  • Legendary (50% better) (3 sub stats + 1 rolled augmentation on a random sub stat)
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