Patch notes for alpha 0.1.6


No more mr. Nice Guy, time to dust off your competitive jeans and buckle up.


New Features:


  • We have added our first PvP content, the Arena. Here you can climb the competitive ladder every month to prove your worth! read more about it in our featured article here.



  • With that, we have also added a counter in the tavern screen wich will track your Honor points, Honor points are a currency you can only get inside the Arena.
  • There is also a new way to spend honor points inside the marketplace!


Bug fixes:


  • The goblins were hiding your summoning ticket rewards from your battle reward screen, they have been.. taken care of.
  • The ogres were sneaking into the wine cellar which made their movements all wonky, don’t ask us how, they are way too big to fit – anyways we had an intervention and its all good now.
  • Remember that second map we added in the Goblin Forest? well its actually there now!
  • Some major combat bugs have been ironed out, combat should be even more fluid now, I like the sound of that word, fluid.


First major PvE and first major PvP content down, what is in store next? We’ll see!


– Mitja Penca, Community Manager

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