In Journey Online the Arena gives players the possibility to test their mettle against other player opponents in real time. It creates a competitive environment where players can scale a ladder to go to the top. Each month the ladder resets and Arena is restarted on the 1st of the month.

(Arena is open from the 1st to the 28th, including the 28th, each month)



In Arena there are 9 ranks you can reach and each rank has a reward that you can claim at the end of the month. Depending on the ELO you achieved you are placed in one of the nine ranks:

  • Legend – 1000 Platinum, 2000 Honor. (1st)
  • Master – 800 Platinum, 1500 Honor. (Top 100)
  • Elite – 750 Platinum, 1250 Honor. (Top 1%)
  • Diamond – 600 Platinum, 1000 Honor. (Top 3%)
  • Emerald – 400 Platinum, 750 Honor. (Top 10%)
  • Gold – 250 Platinum, 500 Honor. (Top 20%)
  • Silver – 150 Platinum, 250 Honor. (Top 40%)
  • Bronze – 75 Platinum, 100 Honor. (Top 60%)
  • Rookie – 50 Platinum, 20 Honor. (Everyone who participated)



The battles in Arena are 1vs1 where players try to defeat each other.  The victor of the battle receives a reward for defeating his opponent (Recruit tickets, Gold, Honor, and some other rare items that are only found in the arena) and his ELO increases while the defeated player receive no reward and instead drops his ELO. The higher the ELO the tougher the opponents will be.



Every day each player receives 20 (up to a max 20) arena tokens. A token is required to start an Arena battle.  Tokens are reseted at midnight server time.



Do you have what it takes to reach the Legend rank in Arena and be the top player in Journey Online? Be sure to adapt to your opponents tactics and change your formation regularly so players wont see through you!

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