All adventurers can have up to a max 3 abilities that are individual to him. It is not neccessary to have all of those. Some lower grade adventurers will only have 1 or 2. Depending on th grade of the adventurer the abilities also scale. That means that an S grade adventurer will have much stronger abilities than a D grade adventurer.

Each ability has some common attributes to it:

  • Each ability has a prefered target (Many different targeting concepts, some examples: AOE, Front line, column, individual target, etc …)
  • Different type of abilities: Heals, Damage, Enchantments, Curses, etc …
  • Each ability has a cooldown of X turns.
  • Abilities can have two types of modifiers. Primary and secondary modifiers. Most of the time each modifier scales with a certain attribute. (Example: 100% of Ability Power)
  • Abilities can have modifiers from each stat and it is not limited to only attack or ability power.
  • An Ability can have either enchantments or curses.
  • In most cases an ability requires energy, abilities energy can scale from 0 to 250.
  • An ability consumes Action Points. Each ability normally consumes only one action point. There are exceptions to that rule.



There are five different abilities:

  • Primary Ability – The first ability is called Primary Ability or PA. The common thing with all primary abilities of all adventurers is that there is no cooldown on it and it can vary on how much energy it requires to be used.
  • Secondary Ability – or SA is the second ability which will already have a bigger cooldown and energy consumption requirements. Because of that, it will also have an increased effect.
  • Ultimate Ability – UA is the third and the most powerful ability that an adventurer has. It has an even higher energy cost and cooldown than the secondary ability but its effects are best of all.
  • Move – Each adventurer gains this ability as default. It requires 50 energy and it consumes no Action Points.
  • Guard or Prepare – this is the last ability each adventurer has and each adventurer has one of those. Guard increases the adventurers defensive capabilities while Prepare increases its offensive abilities. Each of these costs 50 energy and requires no Action Point.


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