You have guessed it! You are not alone in the world. Journey Online is an MMO and therefore there are many players competing for the some enemy monsters. Every battle, you leave a shadow of your previous victory on the map. This shadow can be seen by players near you and they can try and defeat it. Your shadow fights on its own and will try to harrass other players around you.

To battle shadows you do not need any traveling points and defeating them rewards you with plenty of traveling points. Shadows are copies of existing players battle formations … and as copies … you can gain from them the gear they have! That is right! Defeating shadows not only gives you the regular reward, but, there is a small chance that you can get an item that one of those adventurers has.

You can decide to defeat the shadows on your own or you can invite your friends and battle them together. Each day you can earn 8 rewards of these player shadows. However, you yourself will only see a maximum of 5 shadows each day. Helping your friends will also burn those shadow charges. If you have no more shadow charges you can still battle shadows, however, there will be no reward. You regenerate  shadow charges each day.

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