The easiest and the hardest loot to gain, at the same time, is hidden in these small chests all around the real world. There are many different chests and they seperate between themselves by the rarity of the chest, the loot the chest contains, key requirements and the guardians it might have.

When a chest is found on the adventure map it is available to all the players. Unlike the enemies, the chest has no max lives. Everyone can obtain its loot. However, it is good to know that the chests do have a time limit of how long they are avaiable in the real world.

Some of the chests that are available to you when you adventure in the real world are also available as regular loot drops. Some chests will be given to you as rewards for defeating bosses in tower of heroes or simply battling regular field monsters, while others, are easily available to you by adventuring in the real world. Chests are a rare commodity, specially the rare ones, so it is definetly worth obtaining them!


There is a chance that a chest has guardians. Guardians are enemies that you have to defeat before you can open the chest. After defeating them you can easily open the chest and obtain its hidden reward. Guardians themselves tend to sometimes  take a few items out of the chest.

That is why defeating them always gives you similar loot as to what the chest has. If the chest can contain the rarest auras that Journey Online has, you have a chance to get this same item from the guardians!

The rarer the chest, the highest its probability is that it will require a key to unlock. Keys can be found from everywhere in Journey Online. They can even be found from the chest itself. A chest key is consumed after unlocking a chest and each chest has its own key type.



In these chests … are rarities that none may ever obtain! Be the first!

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