Depth Raids

Depth raids in journey online are loosely location based difficult PVE dungeons for all tiers of difficulty.



Locations & rarity

Depth raids have a rare chance to spawn into a players adventure map, after its spawned, it is stationary.

Depth raids have 5 floors with increasing rewards.

After a you clear a floor of depth raid, you can access it from anywhere.

If you clear floor from a depth raid that you did not spawn, you can access it whether it is spawned by you or not.

Difficulty & loot

Depth raids have two different difficulty variables; difficulty(marked in skulls) and tier (from 1 to the current highest).

The difficulty is random from 1 to 5 and affects the number of enemies inside.

The tier is determined by the players progress in the game and affects the enemies stats.

The items that drop are determined by difficculty, tier and floor number. The higher the better.

T5 depth raids drop depth spirit gear for wider variety of sub and main stats.

Clearing floors of depth raid will give you an increasing reward in gold, which you can claim after clearing three floors. If you claim the reward before clearing all floors of depth raid, the dungeon will become inaccessible.

Depth raids are extremely difficult and should be tackled with allies instead of facing them alone.

Your squadmates will also give you a boost to the end reward. Each participating squadmate will give exactly 5%.


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