Group Combo

Players can initiate a group combo through the use adventurers. Group combos require players to react quickly and select the correct rune to execute a combo. Combos are executed only if the selected runes match a combo sequence. A combo effects all formations of either ENEMY or ALLY side.


To start a group combo a player has to use an adventurers ability that is a combo finisher. This ability has to target a combo started effect that exists on an enemy. Group combos will not interrupted auto play from those players that have it active. However, if a player is on auto play he will not be able to participate in the group combo rune selection. If the COMBO button is actively showing, the turn will not end for that player until either the combo is executed or the turn is forcefully ended either by time or the player.


Example: Adventurer A uses a combo starter ability and attacks the Goblin Spearman. Adventurer B uses a combo finisher ability on the same Goblin Spearman in the same turn.


A player can decide whether to execute the combo ability or not by clicking the COMBO button that appears on the bottom side of the screen. Every player only gets one combo per battle, so use them wisely since Combos can make the difference between losing or winning a battle.





Players get approximately 7 seconds in order to choose their individual runes when a combo window opens to them. In this time players need to cooperate to choose the correct combos in order to execute the ones they wanted.



There are 6 runes that can be selected: Air, Earth, Light, Fire, Water, Dark.




The adventurer that used an ability with a combo finisher is the caster of the combo. That adventurers stats are used in order to determine how powerful the combo execution will be. When determining the power of the combo, the adventurers highest stat is taken in to consideration.



Example:  Combo Lv.1 Heal will be stronger if a mummy with 100 DEF will use a combo finisher than a combo if a divine champion with 75 ATK uses it.



There are many different combos in Journey Online and here is an example:

  • Combo Lv.1 Heal – LIGHT x 1
  • Combo Lv.2 Heal – LIGHT x 2
  • Combo Lv.3 Heal – LIGHT x 3
  • Combo Lv.4 Heal – LIGHT x 4
  • Combo Lv.1 Random Enchant – AIR x 1
  • Combo Lv.2 Random Enchant – AIR x 2
  • Combo Lv.3 Random Enchant – AIR x 3
  • Combo Lv.4 Random Enchant – AIR x 4
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