Patch notes: 0.5.9 New Adventure


This patch brings a new design and feel of the adventure mode in Journey Online.


  • Elemental uprising raids will now be defended by a new boss, the Master Ent has arrived.
  • A complete redesign of the adventure mode
    • Adventurers can now move around the adventure map
    • Faster loading of the map
    • Adventure discovery rewards. Players can now get a new reward every 10 minutes after discovering all encounters on the adventure map
    • Adventures now get a reward for every 5 battles won on the adventure map.


  • Some small changes to Adventure UI.
  • Beast Rider is no longer a boss, instead she is now a mini boss.
  • Golem boss has had its scaling of self heal reduced.


  • Some Gnome Wizard abilities were creating memory leaks during battle.
  • Adventure map camera will no longer glitch itself when passing through other objects.
  • Chest rewards will now properly calculate the players premium increment on gold.

Alas! Off I go to write more code!
Jure “Ernil” Veler

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