Group Combo

Players can initiate a group combo through the use adventurers. Group combos require players to react quickly and select the correct rune to execute a combo. Combos are executed only if the selected runes match a combo sequence. A combo effects all formations of either ENEMY or ALLY side.   To start a group combo […]

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Item Augmentation

Each equippable item has two core ways to increase its stats. Main stats are increased by powering the item up and sub stats are increased by augmenting the item. Item augmentation can be achieved from the same window as the power up. When augmenting an item you are required to use other items as food. […]

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Item Power-Up

Equippable items can be powered up to increase their main stat. You can repeat this process until the item is powered up ten times and reaches +10. Each time an item is powered up its main stat is increased by a tenth of its possible roll and increased by the rarity modifier. This way the […]

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Depth Raids

Depth raids in journey online are loosely location based difficult PVE dungeons for all tiers of difficulty.     Locations & rarity Depth raids have a rare chance to spawn into a players adventure map, after its spawned, it is stationary. Depth raids have 5 floors with increasing rewards. After a you clear a floor […]

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  Adventurers can level up either by doing battle or through powering them up by using other adventurers as food. Powering up an Adventure gives that adventurer an emidiate boost in XP. The higher the level and the better the grade of an Adventurer the more XP that Adventurer gets. When Adventurers are fed the […]

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  Every 5 levels the Adventurer gains an enormous power bonus. The power bonus is gained by a new talent level and the ability to equip new items. When an Adventurer reaches 5, 10 or 15 level and gains the maximum amount of XP that Adventurer is eligible for an evolve. Evolving an Adventurer allows […]

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In Journey Online players can team up in squads of 4 players to defeat monsters in real world adventuring or simply grinding dungeons and fields from staying home. There are no downsides for players that want to group up and experience the game together. Instead, if players are close to each other in the real […]

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Event: Monthy Login

Every player is eligible to participate in the Monthly Login Event. All you have to do is to log in to the game at least once a day and you can get some significant rewards at the end of the month. To get the reward at the end you are required to log in at […]

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While in the tavern you can always click your chest in the corner and browse through your available chests. You can open any chest that either doesnt require a key or requires a key and you own it. If the chest requires a key to unlock it, you can find that key next to the […]

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  The easiest and the hardest loot to gain, at the same time, is hidden in these small chests all around the real world. There are many different chests and they seperate between themselves by the rarity of the chest, the loot the chest contains, key requirements and the guardians it might have. When a […]

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