Patch notes: 0.2.7 an echo from the depths

This patch brings forth the new location based adventure maps called “Depth raid”s, a new adventurer and more.


New features:

  • Depth raids (More information)
    • Depth raids are new end game PVE content intended for co-op play.
    • The difficulty and rewards increase with tier, difficulty and the amount of floors cleared.
    • Added depth raid gear, which has a wider variety of main and substats.
    • A dedicated features page will be added for depth raids once we get ‘er done.
    • A tutorial for depth raids has been added.
  • New adventurer: Pixie
    • The first dedicated c-grade healer
      • Skills:
      • water & air: 1st skill: Spirit Soothe, heals a single target and cleanses them.
      • earth & fire 1st skill: Spirit Wrath, Deals damage to a single target and reduces their resistance 50% chance to apply for 3 turns.
      • water & air 2nd skill: Pixie Dust gives the targeted ally row an ap buff for 3 turns
      • earth & fire 2nd skill: Pixie Thorns debuffs the enemy target rows resistance.
      • water & air 3rd skill(ultimate): Pixie Breeze, gives the ally formation resistance buff for 2 turns.
      • earth & fire 3rd skill(ultimate): Pixie Decelerate, debuffs the enemy formation speed for 1 turn.







  • General changes
    • Increased the xp from fields
    • Adjusted adventure spawns; t2 and 3 are more common than t1 now.
    • Added pixie to elemental uprising themed maps (fields, adventure, depth raids).
    • Added TP tracker to battle preview.
    • Changed required tp UI in the battle preview.
    • You can now refresh your tp directly from battle preview.









  • Bug fixes
    • It is no longer possible to enter a battle without the required amount of TP and freezing in time for an endless loading screen.
    • Abilities that are not supposed to deal damage no longer deal 1 damage.


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