In Journey Online players can team up in squads of 4 players to defeat monsters in real world adventuring or simply grinding dungeons and fields from staying home. There are no downsides for players that want to group up and experience the game together. Instead, if players are close to each other in the real world, they will receive an increasing amount of rewards depending on how many of the players in the squad are close to each other.




  • Proximity of one additional player 20% of GOLD and XP.
  • Proximity of two additional players  40% of GOLD and XP.
  • Proximity of three additional players  50% of GOLD and XP.


Players will see whether or not any of the proximity bonuses are active by a highlighted compass in the squad view and below it explaining the bonus.

So, get your friends out to a cafe or take your bikes out and travel around the real world while at the same time defeating rare and hidden monsters all around you together with your squad!


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