Every 5 levels the Adventurer gains an enormous power bonus. The power bonus is gained by a new talent level and the ability to equip new items. When an Adventurer reaches 5, 10 or 15 level and gains the maximum amount of XP that Adventurer is eligible for an evolve.

Evolving an Adventurer allows that adventurer to continue gaining experience up to the next evolve level cap.

Example: Water elementalist has reached level 5 MAX XP. Evolving the Water elementalist immediately increases her level to 6 and gains the ability to continue her leveling up to level 10 MAX xp (when an adventurer is ready to be evolved the »Max 5« will be shown in its portrait).


In order to evolve an Adventurer the player requires an appropriate amount of food Adventurers (Food adventurers are adventurers that you do not plan to keep). When evolving, the food adventurers disappear and the main Adventurer gains the evolve.

Evolving requirements:

  • Max level 5 Adventurer requires 1 level 5 food adventurer
  • Max level 10 Adventurer requires 2 level 10 food adventurers
  • Max level 15 Adventurer requires 3 level 15 food adventurer


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