In Journey Online you manage your own Adventurers Guild and as such adventurers are your units that stay with you throughout the game. Each adventurer is his own character with unique abilities and talents. You can build your adventurers by leveling them up and equipping  awesome gear to them so that their stat points increase.




An adventurer has 6 core stats:

  • HP – Hit Points
  • ATK –Attack power
  • DEF – Defense
  • AP – Ability power
  • RES –Resistance
  • ENREG – Energy regeneration


HP represent how much damage an adventurer can take before he falls in battle. The higher your DEF and RES, the less damage you will take from physical and magical abilities. Abilities can gain power by a stat from an adventurer.

Normally these stats are ATK and AP, however, there are some abilities that scale with adventurers other 4 stats. Be sure to read the abilities description in order to determine what kind of stats you want to build on your adventurer.


Each adventurer at start has the same amount of stats. However, adventurers have different talents when recruited.




As there are stats, there is also 6 different talents an adventurer can have. Each talent is represented by a stat:

  • HP Talent
  • ATK Talent
  • DEF Talent
  • AP Talent
  • RES Talent
  • ENREG Talent


Talents define how well an adventurer can use a certain stat. In other words the higher the talent the more of that stat an adventurer will have.


Example: Two adventurers have 10 HP. The first adventurers HP Talent is level 1, therefor that adventurers HP is reduced to 6 HP. The second adventurers HP Talent is level 9, therefor his HP is 14.


There are 9 levels of each talent. Adventurers have predefined talents when they are recruited and depending on the grade of an adventurer the overral amount of talents at start is different. You can increase one  talent every 5 level of an adventurer.


Adventurer grades


Adventurers exist in 5 different grades: S, A, B, C and D. Each grade defines a rarer adventurer and the rarer they are the harder they are to obtain in Journey Online.


Adventurer roles


When recruited you see the adventurers grade, abilities, adventurers class and its element. Each adventurer comes in 4 elements. Different element normally means some different abilities. Some elements of an adventurer class can represent different roles. You can find the adventurers element next to his name.


Example: Water Elven Elementalist has a powerful support/healing ability as secondary ability so it is better to consider him more of a support unit. While at the same time the Fire Elven Elementalist has a powerful burning second ability and can be used more as an offensive adventurer.


However if you wish to build your adventurer contrary to its designed role, you are free to do so through the talent system and items.


Adventurer class, name and element.

Each adventurer has a class (for example goblin gunner), an element and a name to separate different element adventurers of the same class



Elemental relation


In Journey Online adventurers are divided to elements. Every element has a strength and a weakness.

  • Fire is strong against air and weak against earth
  • Air is strong against water and weak against fire
  • Water is strong against earth and weak against air
  • Earth is strong against fire and weak against water

The given benefits for hitting an enemy that your adventurers element is strong against is 20% more damage.

On the contrary hitting an  an enemy that your adventurers element is weak against will see a 20% damage decrease.

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