Going outside of your tavern is dangerous. You should recruit the strongest adventurers and equip them with the rarest gear in order to fight off the invading horrors that surround you. Enemies can be found everywhere in the world, yes, our real world!



You can find common goblins that only want to pillage and kill, or you can find the mightiest and proudest of dragons that will wait for any who dare to challenge them. Before attacking, be sure to keep an eye on the power level of the enemies battle formation and compare it to yourse.


Battling monsters in the real world cost traveling points, however, it is good to know that the reward for defeating them are many times that of what you can gain from fighting the same monsters in the Fields.


Each enemy in the real world has a max amount of lifes. And as such it can only be defeated that many times by different players. In other words, if there is a rare dragon in the middle of the city, be sure to be quick, because you are competing against everyone else around you in order to obtain the dragons horde.


When all lives are destroyed of the enemy, everyone that defeated one life gets an extra reward at the end delivered directly to the tavern. Lives are seen through the enemies health bar above the monster.


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