Patch notes: 0.4.8 New adventurer stats ACU & PRO


First of the three additional features that are coming to the battle screen have finally been implemented. I welcome everyone to the accuracy and protection stats! These will definitely deepen the complexity of individual battles and will require some thought on who in your existing battle formations need what stat.

Due to some discussion on discord and some great ideas flowing around i decided to further move all abilities in to more energy management concept than CD waiting concept. In future patches this idea will be further refined with how the balance of PA-SA-UA is defined on individual adventurers.

While we are moving closer and closer to the release of the game, i still want to do approx 2 more patches that focus on the battle concept itself while at the same time improving the performance of the game. There are only a couple of things missing from the version where i feel comfortable that the game can move from BETA to release. After release you ask ? I feel i need to write a blog for that soon to share my future plans with you guys.



  • Reaper (A Grade) – Death has come
    • Air & Fire
      • Reap – Row ATK scaling ability
      • Blood Bag – Full Row HP scaling ability. Destroys all existing marks on the enemy. Ignores protection.
      • Sow (Passive) – Reap PA ability now on damage Marks the enemy targets.
    • Water & Earth
      • Reap – Single target ATK scaling damage ability that targets RES and lowers the targets EN by 10.
      • Blood Bag- Full Row HP + AP scaling ability
      • Infest – High ATK+AP scaling Full Row damage ability. If the target is ENREG down the ability does an increased AP scaling damage.
  • Daily tavern recruitment limit has been increased from 1 to 30.
    • Price of individual daily recruits have been lowered by 25%
  • New adventurer stats Accuracy & Protection
    • Every character unit now has two new stats.
    • Accuracy stat defines how likely the character unit will succeed in applying the effect CURSE.
    • Protection stat defines how likely the character unit will succeed in defending itself against a targeted CURSE.
    • Both of these stats are measured in Percentage and can only go up to 100%.
    • Each character unit starts off with a base 15% Protection.
  • New curse effect Mark
    • Marks are persistent curses that apply a possible extra damage on the enemy. It is executed with Destroy Mark curse effect.
  • New curse effect Destroy Mark
    • If this effect is targeted on existing marks, those marks will detonate and deal damage.
  • Ability level ups can now also increase the potency of effects (First situation of these is with the reaper)


  • Only 1 of each element inside the same adventurer family is now allowed for grades A and S.
  • Improved and optimized the loading speed of changing adventurers inside the active battle formation
  • Adventurer group ready screen has been remade to the new UI design.
  • Improved the initial loading speed that caused the game to freeze for a few seconds at start.
  • Improved the CPU performance of all UI elements on the battle screen.
  • Recruitment view now displays the current number of adventurers in the tavern. (this is located in the title)
  • Game will now run much better on mobile devices that have GPUs which support multi threading for graphical processing.
  • Greatly improved the performance of some vertical scrolling lists. (Adventurers and Items only, Doing a test to see the difference on different mobile devices through all vertical lists. If OK will add this change to every other one)
  • Changed the BGM audio encoding to now take much less CPU.
  • All equipment type items in the game can now roll for ACU and PRO secondary stats.


  • MAX EN inside the battle has been increased to 400 from 250 on all adventurers.
  • UA active CD has been decreased to 6 turns. (Back to original)
  • UA EN required to execute the ability has been increased to 400 EN.
  • Adventuring will now spawn more Diff 1 and Diff 2 encounters than before. (Overall about 40% more likely for either of them)
  • All possible encounters in the game have had their stats updated with ACU and PRO.
  • Raids have had their final gold reward reduced by approx 30% through all tiers.

Character Balancing:

  • (All) Elven Elementalist PA have had their DOT removed and instead now apply Marks at 70% AP modifier
  • (All) Beast Rider SA now also Destroys Marks
  • (All) Vampire lady PA have had their drain heal modifier reduced from 30 to 15 AP.
  • (Air, Earth) Imperial Archer UA passive HIGHEST stat modifier damage reduced from 35 to 25. Also the fifth level of ability has had its modifier reduced from 10 to 5.

Bug Fixes:

  • Character stats are now properly visible again in character view.
  • Removed a bugged VFX on raids window that went out of border.
  • Fixed the requirement for ascension ENREG path first level.
  • Daily tavern recruitment will no longer prevent itself if the tavern is maxed out on equipment.
  • Bomb curse now properly displays its ability modifier in the ability window.
  • Bards passive abilities had an issue where they wouldn’t target SELF battle formation in some situations.
  • A huge (and huge is a major undercut of how major this memory leak really was) memory leak was fixed when there were multiple people entering the ready check on adventure/raid battles.
  • Adventurer group friendly battle formations will no longer display buggy white backgrounds at initial load before the cache of data for friendly battle formations is created
  • Adventurer is no longer written as “Adenturer” in Adventurer view.
  • All PA and SA of Glaive warriors no longer remove 25 EN from targets.
  • Ancestral Grace UA ability was marked as SA and not UA. This caused in some situations that ability levels were not showing correctly.
  • PA description for vampires has been corrected to no longer displayed incorrect information.
  • Fixed a situation where Adventurers were no longer able to be selected in Battle screen
  • Abilities that had effects with Application Chance now  correctly calculate these for individual enemy targets and no longer assume these as a batch.
  • Recruitment view buttons had their texts go out of borders on some screen resolutions.



Alas! Off I go to write more code!
Jure “Ernil” Veler


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