Patch notes for alpha 0.1.7

Hey everyone, its been a while huh? how about we do some catching up.


New Features:


  • Going on Adventures and doing combat against goblins and other evil creatures infesting your home now has a chance to leave behind a shadow of yourself behind. Other players have a chance to encounter that shadow while Adventuring, which they can choose to fight for a chance to win special rewards, or run away – if they can. More on shadows in our featured article.


  • Not only that, but special chests can now appear on the map, separated into 4 different tiers, they are designed to reward Adventuring and give extra rewards when opened – some will even spawn with special guardians that protect it, you will have to defeat them first before being able to claim your prize!
    To access chests that were obtained during combat and are now in your inventory, just click the big chest that is now part of your Tavern.
    Read more about them in our features articles here and here.


  • New borders all across the game, it should be much easier to navigate your inventory now, discerning what element your Adventurer is, or what rarity the item he has is equipped, even the battle formations got a lovely new look, borders for everyone! hooray for borders!



  • The Adventuring map has been overhauled to increase visibility on structures and just all around make it more pleasant to look – a great incentive to make all the baddies go away!


Bug Fixes and Quality of Life improvements:

  • Tower of Heroes was deemed to hard for even the most heroic of heroes, so the difficulty has been tuned.


  • Monsters on the Adventure map had some performance anxiety, but they got over it and are up and about as intended.


  • Sometimes you get the case of fat fingers when trying to interface with our interface, we fixed a bunch of issues regarding that so you don’t loose yourself in a mountain of toolbars.


This was one heck of a big patch content wise, and just in time for our alpha next week, are you singed up yet? no??
well just mouse over this little text here and fix that right now.


– Mitja Penca, Community Manager

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