Patch notes for alpha 0.1.8

Surprise! We squeezed one more patch out just in time for the Closed Alpha test – lets dive right in.


New Features:


  • Not sure how to use your skills correctly in the 3×3 battle formation? well now you have these nifty icons showing you exactly how the skill is used!



  • Monthly events! Log-in every day to receive travel points, gold, and even a special item at the end of the month! (do note its not actually a month but about 24 days, so don’t worry about missing a day or five)



  • We improved the battle formation tab, making it more obvious how to add Adventurers to your party and improved the look of the formation itself.



Bug Fixes and Quality of Life improvements:


  • Too eager to go into battle? forgot your entire party of Adventurers behind? that used to result in a defeat, but now it just results in the Adventurers sending you a nice little message to please take them with you, think of them why don’t you.


  • If you do not have a leader character selected when logging in, the Adventurers will elect a leader to lead them on Adventures, you can still change him via the Adventurer info tab – are you a benevolent leader or a tyrant? I guess only time will tell.


  • The Adventure map did not want to work, it seems we have not seen the last of the Dastardly Goblin Duo, they really came out in force on this, this should be reso-  Huehuehue, don’t think you’ve seen the last of us silly Journey Online developers.


  • We added a feedback button in the game, you can find it in your Options tab, please supply your bug reports, complaints and compliments there! (You should also see it here, just look up)


We hope that you all have a great time trying out our Closed Alpha test, and we expect to see lots of feedback – both good and bad – during and after the alpha!

– Mitja Penca, Community Manager at Journey Online

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