Patch notes for beta 0.2.4


Its been a week since the Google Play release and oh man its been a wild ride so far!

New features:


  • We have added a new referral system, this game is all about that co-op love so we want you to get as many friends to play with you as possible!


  • Felt like the start was a bit rough? Yeah welcome to the club, as a reward all new players (and all existing ones too) will get more resources at the start to help them settle in to the game. Our lovely Tavern Keeper Diana is there to help all new players with this new bounty.


Bug fixes and improvements:

You have reported over 15 bugs in the first week, and guess what? ALL of them have been obliterated, in celebration we will be farming goblins for the next week.

For reporting any bugs there is a bug bounty, rewards depend on the severity of the bug itself, but trust me – it’s worth it.


  • We told all the tier 1 monsters to take it easy on the new players, even the Ogre.
  • The battle formation window wasn’t that good with numbers, we hired a tutor and it looks like it might pass after all, now it should present the correct stats.
  • You weren’t quick enough to press ready when queuing up for another fight with your co-op partners? well now you don’t have to stare at all your party in shame before restarting the game anymore, that hilarious bug has been removed.
  • The Goblin Shaman were hoarding all the energy on their third skill, we had the Ogre tell them in a polite manner why they shouldn’t do that.
  • There should be no more switching sides when fighting your co-op partners shadow, if you want to PvP, go to the arena!
  • Fixed a couple of issues with missing TP (Travel Points not Toilet Paper), you can also now buy more TP when you run out while Adventuring (both this time I guess?).
  • We increased the visibility of certain UI elements.
  • The maximum number an item can be upgraded to shall be a number between +9 and +11, no more and no less.
  • We made the client go on a diet, it should take up less space now.
  • Added extra recruitment tickets, so we can give them away as bug bounties!
  • You can now find out how to get more of these recruitment tickets by heading to the recruitment section and pressing the “get more” button.
  • Several more undocumented or behind the scenes fixes 🙂


Everyone, the first week was incredible, we made new friends, new rivals, the first reset of Tower of Heroes and the Arena went by, and we are seeing activity picking up in the game.

Don’t forget to join us on Discord where most of random grouping up is going on at the moment, and have a chance to talk to the developer personally for suggestions or questions!

I want to give a big thank you to all the active community members for making this a great experience so far!

Mitja “Firepants” Penca,
Community Manager





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