Its the most beautiful time of the year!

A new year and a new decade has begun, and we at Journey Online have found that in retrospect, the year 2019 was, being the year of Beta release, our best year so far.
When we released Journey Online on the 23rd of May 2019, we wanted to bring the people something that has all the elements of a long lasting, engaging and fun game, and while I believe we have made a strong start of it already, there is so much more that can and will be done in the future.

But what we are most happy and proud of is the community we have built along the way, with helpful and engaged players who engage with us daily on our Discord server, be it looking for groups, suggesting improvements, helping new players or just hanging out and having a chat – so a big shout-out to all of you excellent people!

To celebrate our previous year, and the start of our next most successful year, we will be giving out recruitment tickets throughout the month of January, anyone who logs in between the 1st and the 31st of January will receive occasional item rewards – there is no set time to these drops, they will be coming in during random times throughout the month.

We are also working hard on improving our events and giveaways system, so that we will be able to bring you more varied rewards, with unique items, in the future.
To help with that, we have sent out our squad of Christmas Ogre Police – C.O.P., to start looking for any members of the Goblin squad that has been stealing presents, hopefully the results will be coming in soon.


The Journey Online team would like to wish all of our current and future players a happy and successful new year!



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