Adventurers, its time for another contest!


The birds are coming out of hiding, sun is gracing us with its presence again, so I think its time to show off your best gaming spots, and win prizes for doing it!

Starting on the 22nd of February at 15:00 CET and until February 29th 00:00 CET, we want you to post your favorite gaming spot, be it the local cafe, park or even your workplace – Journey Online is the perfect game to play while out and about, hunting for those rare Adventuring spawns.


The rules of the contest are as following;

  1. You must take a picture of an android device with Journey Online open and post it on Twitter with the hashtags #JourneyOnlApp included to be entered into the drawing.
  2. Points will be earned for creativity and playing cooperatively with other people.
  3. Inappropriate images will be disqualified – no violence, nudity.
  4. Please be careful with what you share, we do not require you to take a picture of yourself, and do not to share any personal information with the rest of the world!


We are receiving great feedback on our game, and more and more players are joining our community – this is a way of us thanking them back for all the great moments we’ve had so far.

Here is what you can earn by participating in this contest;

  • 1st prize – 1 Epic chest key, 500 platinum, 1 Epic summoning ticket, 200 Travel points
  • 2nd prize – 1 Gold chest key, 300 platinum, 1 Rare summoning ticket, 150 Travel points
  • 3rd prize – 1 Silver chest key and 150 platinum, 2 Green summoning ticket, 100 Travel points

Each participant will also receive 3 Green summoning tickets and 50 Travel points as a thank you for joining in!



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