Stay positive and #staysafe while playing Journey Online


A big portion of the world is currently under quarantine, trying to find way to entertain themselves while cooped up in their homes, we at Journey Online are feeling this as well, being a location-based mobile game we want to continue providing our players with all the benefits of the Adventure mode without needing them to leave their homes.

To help the time spent in quarantine pass by faster, we are providing all our current and new players with the tools needed to keep yourselves entertained – note, these changes will come into effect on 23/3/2020 at 15:00 CET.

  1.  Each new player logging in from 23/3/2020 to 23/4/2020 will receive 1 month of Premium on their first log-in
  2.  Existing players will recieve 1 month of Premium, if they already have Premium active on their account, it will increase the existing time for 1 additional month and upgrade your Premium level for 1 level higher.
  3.  All raids on Adventure mode will have their spawn rates doubled for 1 month – same as the duration of our Premium gift! (They will spawn in your current location, you should not roam around trying to find them!)
  4.  Using the promo code “StaySafe” in the game will provide you with extra recruitment tickets to help with the start.

Please stay safe, stay at home if you can, if not, try to follow the guidelines that are presented by the World Health Organization to try and reduce risk of infection.


Are you bored at home, come join us on Discord, find more people to team up with and tackle any challenge you come across!





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