Patch notes: 0.6.4 XP and Gold Events!

Players wanted custom events and as such Journey Online delivers!



  • New system for creating custom events. With this feature Journey Online will be able to handle new custom events in the future.
    • When an event like this is active, a small event icon appears in the bottom left side of the screen when the player is in the tavern.
  • XP & Gold Event
    • When these events are active they reward the players for 50% increased reward
    • These events last for 1 day.
    • More information about these events can be accessed through the barmaid Diana
    • In battle result screen these rewards are clearly visible in the loot box
  • The first occurence of the XP and Gold events will be this Saturday for the whole day
    • FROM 20210515 TO 20210516


  • There is an issue where players reported that the victory screen no longer resets during victories or defeats after the first time.
    • I have pushed a change for this with 0.6.4 that could possible address the issue. (the main issue was i could not replicate the behavior in any environment)
    • There is a chance this issue will persist for some players. If this happens please visit the discord and report the issue.
      • Journey online discord:
  • Pandas AI is now working during auto battles
  • Water/Fire cat samurai UA was incorrectly capped at 2 on the server. This resulted in some players wasting Guild Puppies to level that skill up.
    • To address this issue, all players that have had the ability to have this bug appear on your accounts will receive an appropriate amount of Guild Puppies as a bug bounty reward.


Hotfix in 0.6.3:

  • A hotfix was pushed to production during the period between 0.6.2 and 0.6.4 that fixed a google pay change. The origin of this issues was the result of the big optimization update during 0.6.2
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